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You came across to a quite rare and great opportunity.

Opportunity to make our world a better place.

Do you remember

2008 financial crisis?


Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, AIG…, the crisis almost brought down the world’s financial system.

The world is unpredictable

We cannot afford another strike.

In such time, risk management is important.

We help world top-tier banks to foresee their risks with our cutting-edge technology.

Our technology in HPC, parallel Monte Carlo simulation and advanced modeling.

We challenge ourselves to deal with complex large data simulations.

Numerical Technologies Logo

Where. Techie. Meets. Finance.

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Kian Zhong

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What We Do

We are a laboratory-style software company focused on bringing the most advanced technologies to financial risk management. As an industry leader, we are consultants to high-profile financial institutions, collaborating with risk managers and entrusted with sensitive information to provide software solutions to our clients’ most challenging business needs.

Aside from interfacing with and creating systems for our clients, Numerical Technologies’ engineers research, experiment, and innovate to develop next-generation financial risk management software. It is no surprise therefore that our engineers possess world-class programming skills and are experts in statistics, finance, and high-performance computing.


Working in Numerical Technologies means being engaged by colleagues who are passionate about their work. It means being constantly challenged to think creatively. It means working hard, playing hard, and producing world-class software applications.

Numerical Technologies is driven by a select group of professionals. We expect only the best from our team; in return, we offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits that include performance incentives, comprehensive medical coverage, overseas R&R trips, and a challenging but relaxed working environment where colleagues are treated like family.